The Brown family from Fox’s The Cleveland Show

Dr. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Kwik-E-Mart clerk) from Fox’s The Simpsons

Gerald Johanssen from Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!

Jake Long and his grandpa, Luong Lao Shi, from Disney’s American Dragon



  1. Just in scrolling through this collection of pictures, it’s easy to see how pervasive stereotypes are on animated TV shows. As a young woman, the “hyper feminine” stereotyping of the female characters is all too familiar and frustrating. I would have thought I’d be most offended by that and the overly irresponsible and “me first” portrayals of young people….However, the racial and age-based stereotypes are so heightened and unapologetic that even as someone who can’t personally relate to them, I’m offended. Might as well be called 1D animation…. seriously.

    • Nina, take your offense to the man! There is room in the animation world for a young woman to make her mark by defying the rampant stereotypes. Constructive action should be taken.

  2. Well, at least Sesame Street tried to get it right in the “Cowboys and Indians” clip. “No matter what you see on TV…” TV did have much to do with the stereotypical brainwashing at early ages! I hadn’t realized how much, though, until I perused this site!

    • “Brainwashing” is a good way to put it! The constant flow of stereotypes being produced by television animation can really cloud one’s judgment. That is where the danger lies! These stereotypes become rationalization for discrimination. It’s a slippery slope! I’m glad my site has brought that to light for you.

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