Futurama on Women’s Basketball

Fry, Zapp, and Bender have a laugh as the Amazonian women of a distant planet explain women’s basketball. Female athletics are often belittled by today’s society and the obnoxious, exaggerated, laughter of the Futurama men is meant to parody this. Although the show means to mock the situation, it is merely preserving the stereotype instead of dismissing it. Even satire can be dangerous!

Credit: http://www.youtube.com/user/aalmeida259?feature=watch

Futurama details and ownership rights can be found here: Comedy Central


4 thoughts on “Futurama on Women’s Basketball

  1. Satire can most certainly be dangerous! Especially since everyone interprets sarcasm and satire pieces differently. While this Futurama clip is a funny take on female athletics, it does only reinforce the ideas it is trying to mock. This is a great example of how stereotypes are so difficult to shake, even when trying to point out the absurdity of it!

    • Interpretation is definitely the dangerous part! I’m sure not a day goes by that the Futurama executives don’t receive a letter from a disgruntled viewer who was the object of a joke on the show! The means aren’t always pure but Futurama does bring up relevant points!

  2. Most professional basketball players gain an advantage by being taller and stronger but basic genetics allow men to accomplish an all around more competitive build than women. Unfortunately, the fact that men are, on average, more able to achieve higher levels of strength and stamina than women results in a more impressive competition on the court. A show like Futurama uses mockery of common stereotypes as its bread and butter. While it may help to preserve painful stereotypes, facts are facts, and comparing women’s basketball to men’s basketball is a laughing matter.

    • Shaun, I think you and Fry would really get along. 😉 You should watch the whole episode that the clip is from. Its “Amazon Women in the Mood” from Season 3. It’s hilarious and brings up a lot of men vs. women issues (AKA it throws a bunch of stereotypes in your face). I also think you would enjoy the episode, “A Clockwork Origin” (season 6), since you made the statement “facts are facts”. That is your animation homework!

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